Easily export and sync your eBay items to Amazon.

Magically increase your sales.

What do we do?

Sit back and relax while our smart tool exports your eBay store to Amazon, and keeps it in sync.
All you need to do is sign up, and just like magic – your sales will expand!
Our system works behind the scene so you can continue selling.

Mountain View
Mountain View
Mountain View

Hello! I have seen a bunch of sales this weekend, so things are looking good, thanks for all the hard work
Mountain View
Mountain View
Mountain View

I listed items myself, but no one found the items for months. After using ExportYourStore to export the items from eBay to Amazon, we started selling almost immediately. It's magic!

How it works

Manage all of your products as you did before

Everything works automatically behind the scenes

Changes in your stores are immediately updated on Amazon & eBay

Quantity Sync

Immediately update quantity events
sold / close / revise

New Item Sync 

Automatically export new items listed/relisted.
No action needed by the seller.

Reverse Item

Items reversed on eBay will update Amazon
title, description, quantity, etc…


Our smart service learns the items
to fit the items for the best match.

Calculate your pricing

Our pricing depends on your quantity, sales, and categories.
Please use our diagnostic tool to calculate your pricing and get a full review
baseof what is needed to export to Amazon.
(starting from just $39 a month)

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Very professional, I am happy that we are working with you and that I recommended you to our manager. In the future if you have any customers that have any questions, send them to me and I’ll give the best recommendation.

GeorgeRugPlace Seller

I just wanted to take this chance to tell you how much I appreciate how hard your company has worked to remedy this problem with amazon. I have been reading the correspondence and I appreciate all you have done to figure this out. I commend your company for this and am very impressed. Thanks.

Jon WernerAutographs Seller

You doing a fantastic job. THANK YOU!!!!

Ilya BarrosCoins Seller

Just wanted to say thanks today…no questions or issues 😉   We had our biggest day on Amazon yesterday

Deanna Armstrong Tack Sales

Hello! I have seen a bunch of sales this weekend, so things are looking good, thanks for all the hard work

Ray NussbaumeBay motors seller

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