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export ebay to amazon, shopify, etsy, ebid

Multi Channel Inventory Sync for eBay Sellers

Sell your eBay items on Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, eBid. ExportYourStore is the easiest multi channel eCommerce software for eBay sellers to cross list and sell their products on largest online marketplaces.
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What does ExportYourStore do?
The only solution in the market
creating new listings for you on added marketplaces.
We create your ASIN numbers.
cross listing ebay items on Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, eBid with exportyourstore

Cross listing eBay items
on multiple marketplaces

◆ Manage your items on eBay as you used to
◆ No system management required
◆ Create your own syncing rules
◆ Choose to list manually or automatically as dynamic key search listings

Simple & Powerful

Grow your eCommerce business

◆ Merchants who sell on more then one marketplace, sell 75% more.
◆ We work directly with Amazon, Shopify, and other marketplaces to take care of everything for you!
◆ Our customers have ZERO prior experience selling anywhere besides eBay. You don't need it either.

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Save time

Keep calm & Sync

◆ ExportYourStore is the only multi channel eCommerce software that automatically exports eBay items to Amazon by creating new ASIN numbers.
Sync your eBay inventory with all the connected marketplaces but keep eBay as the source.
◆ Prevent overselling with a choice of syncing options: Quantity sync, Pricing, Sold items & Update item sync.

5 Marketplaces
You can sell on eBay, Amazon, Shopify, eBid, Etsy
Automatic Sync
Maintain inventory accuracy with automatic updates of your eBay data
1-time Setup
We create everything for you from zero. Your eBay store remains your only management channel
All Categories
Supporting all product types. Automatic category mapping.
Listings Approved
Amazon's policy is not your problem
👉 We just released ExportYourStore 2.0!
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exportyourstore multi channel selling software
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We make cross listing eBay items simple to sell on multiple marketplaces

Guided setup process

All our customers get a fully guided setup. From product category approval and mapping to unique SKU creation, fixing duplicates, GTIN exceptions, and ASIN numbers.

Customized listings rules

At ExportYourStore, you can create rules to manipulate your listings as you wish.

You have full control over which items are synced, their descriptions and appearance. Create bulk actions by preferred criteria, wether its handling times, price changes or images - you're in control.

Automatic inventory sync

Your listing management is not required on new marketplaces because your listings are always 100% synced with eBay.

This means if a product is purchased through Amazon, you will see quantity change on eBay and visa versa, if you add quantity levels on eBay they will also be available on Amazon. Same automatic syncing will occur when you list new products, update/adjust existing ones or end listings.

We fully optimize your eBay listings

As you know, different marketplaces require fields that do not exist on eBay but don't worry - we take care of these for you! For example, on Amazon, your descriptions need to be without HTML so we remove it for you. We will convert your prices to local currencies and you can even set a percentage increase of your prices to fit the target marketplace.

You just tell us if there's anything you prefer to do yourself instead, otherwise, we'll do it all for you so you can just sit back and sell more.
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cross listing ebay items to amazon, shopify, etsy and ebid with ExportYourStore
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What makes us UNIQUE?

We create new listings on added marketplaces, not you!

With ExportYourStore, you don't have to list your items on Amazon. We create ASIN numbers for you keeping your listings automatically synced with your eBay inventory. Likewise, your listings can automatically be created on Shopify, Etsy, and eBid.

You don't need to manage ExportYourStore!

The beauty in using our solution lays in its functionality. You do NOT need to manage any dashboards, worry about Amazon regulations or listing requirements. eBay remains the only marketplace you manage while we do the rest!

Sell on 5 marketplaces or on 2, it's up to you!

You have a choice to sync eBay - Amazon or eBay - Amazon - Shopify. Or eBay - Shopify - Etsy, or eBay - Etsy - Amazon. Or eBay - eBid - Shopify - Amazon - Etsy. Well, you get it... It's your choice where you sell your eBay items.

There's NO ONE doing what we do..

Today, ExportYourStore is the only multi channel listing software that creates such selling possibilities for eBay sellers. Only with us, you're automatically creating new listings on additional marketplaces. Only with us, you don't need to manage the system. Only with us, you can start selling on major marketplaces simultaneously without spending additional work hours.
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What YOu Get

All-in-one multi channel inventory sync for eBay sellers

Text Replacement
Keyword Insertion
Smart Categorization
Product Suppression
Data Cleanup
Product Variations
Override Rules
Automated Updates
Compliance Validation
Format Normalization
Dynamic Optimization
Error Alerts
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100+ happy clients all around the world

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Very professional, I am happy that we are working with you and that I recommended you to our manager. In the future if you have any customers that have any questions, send them to me and I’ll give the best recommendation.
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Helped my company to export all item from eBay to Amazon, I have no idea how I can list items on Amazon without their help. They response to my messages in timely manner and always ready to help if there is any problem with listing. Highly recommended!
Kate Nichyparuk
I just wanted to take this chance to tell you how much I appreciate how hard your company has worked to remedy this problem with amazon. I have been reading the correspondence and I appreciate all you have done to figure this out. I commend your company for this and am very impressed. Thanks.
Jon Werner
Just wanted to say thanks today…no questions or issues 😉 We had our biggest day on Amazon yesterday
We have been with this company for several years now and ONLY with their assistance have we been able to list our products on Amazon. Their program runs smoothly and easily allowing us to concentrate our focus on our business and customers. Customer Support is fast, effective and have become a vital part of our company. We can highly recommend this service and folks our longevity with the company says it all!
Judy armstrong
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Outstanding service.
Excellent service, very helpfully and polite, always searching for a custom solution if it is not a standard problem. Absolutely recommended, if you need to export your store from eBay to Amazon use only ExportYourStore, don't waste time looking for others!
Marcin kret
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Excellent service, prompt with replies and help support given on 1 to 1 by Yarden. Highly recommended. Great team. Thank you!
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