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Product feeds are the smartest way to manage inventory, which is why the internet’s leading selling platforms like Google and Amazon require their sellers to use product feeds to manage products. But feeds can be daunting, especially when you don’t have the right tools to take full advantage of their potential. That’s why we here at ExportYourStore have developed a built-in feed management tool – to help you easily build, manage, import, and export your feeds.

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Custom Product Data Feeds

Build Customized Product Listings Feed at Scale

Use ExportYourStore’s feed generation tool to create fully customized product feeds from the products in your linked stores. Create your own customized product feeds with a series of rules, and utilize filters to define which products are associated with each feed you generate. You’ll be able to save your customized feed templates, and use them to generate an unlimited number of custom product feed files any time you need them.

Product Data Feeds
Product Feeds
Fully Optimized Data Feeds

Expand to New Platforms with Optimized Data Feeds

Create custom feed templates and use them to optimize your products for specific marketplaces. You can use rules to optimize product titles for marketplaces in bulk, make adjustments to item descriptions to ensure they comply with marketplace guidelines, map and match product categories between marketplaces, and so much more.
Powerful Feed Driven Ads

Boost Ad Success with Feed-Driven Ads

Feeds are not only a smarter inventory management method – they’re also a powerful tool for driving ad success. When you use feeds to power your ads, you ensure that every ad is fully optimized, 100% of the time. Display more accurate and up-to-date product information in your ads, and show potential customers the most optimal and competitive prices with the help of dynamic feed-driven ads.
Optimize ads to increase campaign success
Show buyers the most relevant product info
Display up-to-the-minute pricing on all ads
Use filters to select which items to advertise
Data Feeds
Product Feeds Expert
Expert Data Feed Assistance

Dedicated Data Feed Expert

Feel like you could use some help to get the most out of data feeds? ExportYourStore not only offers a simplified and intuitive approach to custom optimized data feeds – we also have a team of dedicated data feed experts to help you make the most of it! An in-house data feed expert will help you build the right optimized feeds for your needs, so that you can use the feed files you generate with confidence.
Data Feeds Integrations

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