About ExportYourStore

ExportYourStore is an online selling tool that helps eCommerce business grow and sell on 12 major online retail platforms. What makes ExportYourStore unique is its flexibility. It not only allows you to choose your source store from where you’ll import your products – it also lets you manage your business from that source store. Custom rules help you tailor your products to each marketplace, and a smart dashboard allows you see the big picture.

Our Story

How it Started

ExportYourStore was founded by CEO Avner Cohen in 2015.

At the time Avner had been selling on eBay part-time for several years, and although business was steady, he wanted to find a way to grow and expand his business beyond eBay. While working full-time as a developer, he found that the biggest hurdle was time – there never seemed to be enough time to expand to new platforms in and reach more customers. Amazon was the next logical step, but getting your foot in the door meant investing a significant amount of time.

Avner, a serial entrepreneur and perpetual problem-solver, decided to look at this problem as an opportunity. At the request of a friend and fellow eBay seller, Avner developed the base software to migrate listings from eBay to Amazon. It worked without a hitch, and as soon as he made the software widely available, the customers began rolling in.

This software ultimately grew to become ExportYourStore, which over the last two years has grown to support store migrations between a dozen major online marketplaces. Today, ExportYourStore helps 5,000 sellers grow, sync, and manage their online stores across multiple channels and platforms

ExportYourStore was created as a way to save a friend some time. Today, it’s helping thousands of sellers automate their business and increase their profits up to 300% with zero extra time investment and minimal cost.
5,000+ Sellers
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