Integrating Etsy into Your eCommerce Business

ExportYourStore’s powerful start-to-finish multi-channel integration solutions enable you to seamlessly integrate Etsy into your ecommerce business. Thanks to a wide selection of built-in automations and tools, expanding your business to Etsy is now easier and more accessible than ever before.
ExportYourStore Services for Etsy
Multichannel Commerce

Integrate Etsy with Your Favorite Selling Channels

Whether you’re currently selling on Etsy and looking to expand, or think that Etsy is the best next step for expanding your business, ExportYourStore has the perfect Etsy integration solution for you. Export your products from Etsy into new selling channels with ease, or import your store from another selling channel into Etsy just as easily thanks to a robust toolbox of powerful built-in integration automations. When you use ExportYourStore’s smart multichannel commerce solution for Etsy, you’ll enjoy automatic inventory synchronization for all your integrated channels, as well as a wide selection of customizable rules, filters, and automations that make selling on multiple selling channels easier than ever before!

Additional Features

Use ExportYourStore to Integrate Etsy with Any eCommerce Sales Channel

ExportYourStore’s multichannel commerce solutions enable you to integrate Etsy with a growing selection of selling channels – from marketplaces to shopping carts – so that you’re never limited in how you can grow your business. Export your listings from Etsy and import them into a new selling channel on any one of over 10 platforms of your choice, or import listings into Etsy from whichever platform you’re currently selling on. With a variety of tools, automations, and customizations, ExportYourStore enables you to quickly, easily, and seamlessly integrate Etsy into your multichannel ecommerce business.

Export from Etsy

Export to eBay
Export to Amazon
Export to Walmart
Export to Etsy
Export to Poshmark
Export to eBid
Export to Mercari
Export to Shopify
Export to WooCommerce
Google Shopping
Export to Google Shopping
Export to Facebook
Export to Instagram

Import To Etsy

Import from eBay
Import from Etsy
Import from Poshmark
Import from eBid
Import from Shopify
Import from WooCommerce
Import from Amazon

Easily and Quickly Integrate Etsy with Your Favorite Selling Platforms

Link and sync all your favorite selling channels to Etsy, and enjoy simple and seamless Etsy integration across all linked channels. Generate custom product feeds for managing and tracking inventory, utilize powerful automatable and customizable optimizations to tailor your products for Etsy, keep tabs on Etsy and other selling channels via the integrated dashboard, and much more. ExportYourStore gives you an all-in-one solution for integrating Etsy into your ecommerce business, so that you can spend your time and energy on expanding your business and growing your sales.

Automatically import and list new products.
Easily link new marketplaces with one-click sync.
Enjoy continuous quantity monitoring and sync.
Easily integrate even the most complex stores.
Advanced Automation Solutions

Get the Most out of Etsy with Customizable Automation Solutions

Give your products the best possible start on Etsy with a wide selection of customizable rules and automations for syncing, updating, and optimizing your listings. Optimized titles, set quantity limits, modify prices, adjust item specifications and attributes, and more with custom export rules that enable you to control exactly how the products from your source store import into Etsy.

Cart Migration

Etsy Shopping Cart Migration Service

Product Feeds

Build and Customize Etsy Product Feeds that Work for You

Utilize ExportYourStore’s intuitive interface to create custom import feeds for Etsy and automate virtually every aspect of Etsy inventory management. ExportYourStore helps you create product feeds to not only map categories from your source store, but also to create rules that tailor products and categories for Etsy, giving you limitless potential for product optimization and customization.

Data Feed Optimization

Use Etsy Listings to Generate Optimized Product Feeds at Scale

Upgrade your ecommerce business and manage your catalog better with the help of detailed optimized product feeds. Generate as many custom product feeds as you need, and define which products will be included in each feed with intuitive customizable filters.

Feed-Driven Ads

Expand and Grow with Feed-Driven Ad Campaigns

Boost the success rate of your ads and campaigns with feed-driven ads, the smart approach to optimized ads and efficient business growth. Feed-driven ads will help you ensure that your ads are always up-to-date with the most relevant information and pricing. You can use feeds to power ads for all types of ecommerce sales channels – from search engine ads to marketplace-optimized listings – and create fully optimized ads with minimal hands-on work.