July 11, 2021

Multi-Channel Selling

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Multi-Channel Selling

The Amazon Marketplace and eBay have revolutionized the e-commerce market. The easy to use platforms for selling and buying goods are attracting millions from all over the world – individuals seeking to earn money as sellers and others, looking to enjoy the online buying experience. Today, Amazon and eBay are among the largest websites on the internet with business spanning over billions of dollars per year.

Nearly everyone knows Amazon and eBay and that’s exactly why they’re so attractive and enticing. The massive channels of selling and buying on the internet are global, popping up and appearing in every corner. That’s exactly why “Multi-Channel” selling and buying (emphasis on selling) are good ideas and the place to be in.

Top reasons to sell both on eBay & Amazon

1) Amazon and eBay are both developing rapidly.
2) Amazon doesn’t charge a listing fee.
3) eBay is an auction website, Amazon isn’t. Selling on both can help you can reach different markets.
4) They both have fees if your item is sold, but these fees are relatively small compared to your sales and revenue!
5) eBay is going to start providing a fulfillment service for its merchants, Amazon already has one.
6) Online selling is the next hype! Join it now!
7) Everyone buys online – it’s easy, fast and you can choose from millions of items.

Double your sales

Increase your sales in a few easy steps with our export-import application:

The app enables eBay sellers to extend their selling span and reach more potential customers. You just need to have an Amazon seller account. ExportYourStore.com also offers an affiliate program giving sellers a chance to earn money when they recommend the service to their fellow sellers. Online selling is the next hype, so it’s worthwhile to join it now and get a head start on competition.

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