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In this article I will explain all the possibilities and alternatives to list the items without the use of GTIN (UPC \ EAN \ISBN )
also I will explain how the ExportYourStore service can help you do it almost automatically.

List in a Category that does not need UPC \ EAN \ ISBN (GTIN)

The category ‘Sport Collectibles’ doesn’t require the use of UPC\EAN

Selling Well Known Brands items already exists in amazon

If you are selling branded items but you don’t have the UPC\EAN\ISBN for those items
you can try to list your Items on existing product detail page,
for example,you are selling a Print Cartridge from the brand ”Lexmark©”
and the same item exists already in the amazon catalog,
you won’t be required to provide a UPC, and your item will be added to that page.

Selling product does not have a UPC \ EAN \ ISBN (GTIN)

Eligible cases for GTIN exemption:

  1. A Brand, a manufacturer or a publisher does not need to provide a UPC\EAN for their items For example, private label products, or hand-made products.
  2. Non-branded products that do not have GTINs. For example, wholesale products
  3. Parts that do not have a GTIN. For example, some automotive parts do not have a GTIN
  4. Bundles do not have a GTIN. For example, customized bundles may not have a GTIN. To create bundles correctly, see Product Bundling Policybefore requesting for a GTIN Exemption

Register your brand with Amazon

If you are the brand owner or manufacturer of your own products and if you can uniquely identify each product with other attributes such as model number or style number, you might be eligible to register your brand with the Amazon Brand Registry, which allows you to use an alternative product identifier.
(Without UPC\EAN).
You can enroll your brand in the Amazon Brand Registry Here

Amazon GTIN request

How can ExportYourStore help you to list your items to Amazon?

I’m sure that you understand that it is not an easy mission to list all your items.
ExprotYourStore Developed an extremely sophisticated and easy service to make it almost automatically.

  1. We analyze your items, map your categories to fit the Amazon categories and fill in any missing information that we can to make your items fit the Amazon Requirements.
    If needed our team will show you all the alternatives that you can take to list the items without UPC\EAN.
  2. We provide a number of free UPC’s for your items if needed (as part of our service)
  3. Our service recognizes if your items should be in existing Amazon product page
    (item that already exist on Amazon), in this case on your dashboard you have the option to click “Yes, this is my item” and up to 5 minute the item will be on Amazon!
Match Asin to existing Amazon product

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