July 11, 2021

Use ExportYourStore and get free UPC (barcodes) for eBay and Amazon

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UPC or Universal Product Code is a specific kind of barcode, which is widely utilized in Canada, United States, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand and other countries in order to track items in a certain store. Its most typical kind is known as UPC-A which consists of twelve numerical digits. These are uniquely assigned in every trade item.

Along with related EAN kind of barcode, UPC is a kind of barcode that mainly utilizing scanning intended for trade items in a point of sale for every GS1 specifications. Data structures of UPC have the component of Global Trade Item Numbers or GTINS. All of the data structures are following the specification of GS1 that is based on the international standards.

Some of the retailers like furniture, clothing are not using this GS1 system as compare to other symbologies of barcode and other article number systems. There are other retailers who are using UPC or EAN barcode kind of symbology even without the use of GTN for the product brands being sold for such retailers. But in consideration with the preference of Amazon, the company is accepting products with UPC barcode only.

Amazon prefer products to have UPC barcode to obtain easy scanning of products and for the retailers to easily access with the price together with the product information. By the time you purchase the products, you will the barcode on the product then send this off to the distributor or retailer.

They will be asked regarding yourself together with the product, then enter it in the system under UPC barcode that you have just provided. As soon as the product is successfully scanned in the register, it will then look up for the information together with the sale under the register. This will look up with the provided information together with the recorded sale.

UPC barcodes are necessary

UPC barcodes are necessary if you plan to sell your products in any part of the world. This is one of the important factors why Amazon is requiring companies to obtain UPC barcodes for their exported products. This is the reason why eBay decided to consider UPC barcode for their products.

Another reason why this kind of barcode is greatly applicable in selling products is its capacity of making everything easy for the retailers to sell their products. This includes Amazon, wherein they will not accept the product unless it obtains barcode brought by the retail systems that work according to the barcodes.

With the above given fact, our company felt the need of selling eBay products in Amazon using UPC barcodes. But obtaining such kind of barcode to your product is not an easy task. It requires great expertise as well as mastery as to how you numbers will be used in order to obtain unique UPC barcodes.

Not all company has the capacity of providing UPC barcodes, good thing that are company is created and established in order to address such need. As you engage in our company, you will no longer be worried if Amazon will accept your products because we will assure our clients to obtain the kind of services they need when it comes to UPC barcode.

Even though barcodes comprise of numbers, but is really hard to identify the kind of barcode you will need to insert for a certain item. Our company can do that with ease and professionalism because it is our job to comply with such demand from our customers that not only company will ever provide for that.

Our company professionally manage your UPC barcode to avoid duplication and to maintain unique code for every product you would like to export in Amazon. You need to be very careful for service providers that promise cheaper or free barcodes with ridiculous discounts. Who knows, the company you are engaging with may possibly a scam.

Verifying GS1 barcodes

Our company has the capacity of verifying GS1 barcodes in order to match with the requirements of eBay as well as Amazon. We are doing to this to avoid the possibility of duplication while obtaining a unique UPC barcode.

We are also utilizing saving system history for all items having a unique barcode in every item. It is greatly valuable to professionally engage with those barcodes in order to maintain its uniqueness. We are selling UPC barcodes that are carefully verified.

UPC barcodes should be unique in every item and you can hardly imagine how it can be possible if there are countless products available in the market. Well, that is the magic of our company, which will blow you away. This is something to be highly regarded in our manner of providing service that cannot be found in other companies of this field of industry.

Any retailer and business entrepreneur are dreaming to sell their products in Amazon. This is because they know how it will greatly affect their profitability while obtaining an increase of product sales. No wonder why many business enthusiasts are obtaining their success because of this online platform. But, before you can export your products with Amazon, UPC barcode is a requirement.

To deal with such need, never hesitate to consider our company, which will surely be of great help in increasing the profitability of your company while enjoy the amazing benefits it will you.

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