Mastering Multi-Channel Selling: How to Use Amazon FBA for Shopify Fulfillment

Learn how you can use Amazon FBA to fulfill your Shopify orders, and discover how you can automate the entire process with ExportYourStore! Set up a seamless Amazon FBA-Shopify integration to automatically fulfill your Shopify orders with Amazon FBA stock by integrating with Amazon's MCF (multi-channel fulfillment) system. Keep reading to find out how you can set up your own hands-off Amazon FBA-Shopify integration to fulfill orders on Shopify!


We're still perfecting our Amazon FBA to Shopify integration, reach out to us to be a part of the beta!

FBA Multichannel Selling

How to Use Amazon FBA to Fulfill Shopify Orders

Setting up your automatic Amazon FBA-Shopify integration with ExportYourStore is fast, simple, and worry-free. All you need to do is link your Amazon FBA and Shopify accounts with ExportYourStore with the help of a simple one-time setup wizard, define your integration settings for hands-off fulfillment exactly the way you want it, and export your FBA products to Shopify!

Step 1
Connect Amazon and Shopify to ExportYourStore
A simple one-time setup helps you link your Amazon and Shopify stores with our powerful integration app.
Step 2
Setup Your Amazon FBA Shopify Integration
Choose the shipping settings for your FBA to Shopify integration, select carriers, and determine packaging types.
Step 3
Cross-List and Fulfill Shopify Orders with Amazon
Export FBA products to Shopify and start selling! FBA products will auto-sync with Shopify, so you can start selling right away.
Amazon FBA to Shopify Integration

What Makes ExportYourStore the Best Amazon FBA Integration App for Shopify

ExportYourStore's Amazon FBA-Shopify integration not only offers you a way to export products from FBA to Shopify, but to automate the entire fulfillment process from start to finish. With a variety of integration settings that enable you to determine exactly how Amazon packs and ships FBA products when fulfilling Shopify orders, you can be sure that fulfillment happens exactly the way you want it. Simplify logistics with Amazon FBA, sell on Shopify more efficiently, and automate it all with ExportYourStore.

Amazon FBA Shopify
FBA Shopify integration

Easily List Your FBA Items on Shopify With Only a Click!

ExportYourStore makes it simple to export products from Amazon FBA to Shopify in minutes, so you can seamlessly sell on both platforms simultaneously. Start with a one-time setup to link your Amazon and Shopify accounts with ExportYourStore, and watch as ExportYourStore imports your products from Amazon. Once your products are imported to ExportYourStore, you'll be able to define your sync and integration settings, which will determine how your Amazon FBA products cross-list to Shopify. These settings can be used to apply pricing adjustments, modify listing content like titles and descriptions, edit listing images, and more, so you can be sure your Amazon products shine on Shopify. Now that your sync settings are complete, all that's left to do is click "Export" and watch the magic happen!


Automate Order Fulfillment and Cross-Listing with Pricing, Inventory, and Product Sync Between Amazon FBA and Shopify

Integrating your Amazon and Shopify sales channels with ExportYourStore means a fully automated, hands-off cross-listing and order fulfillment selling experience. Seamless automation means Amazon handles shipping and logistics, while ExportYourStore handles order fulfillment on Shopify using FBA products. With fully customizable pricing, inventory, and product sync between your selling channels, and completely hands-off order fulfillment automation for Shopify with Amazon FBA stock, you can be sure that your FBA-Shopify integration is always working exactly as it should.

Automatic inventory, pricing, and product sync between Shopify and Amazon.
Tailor Amazon product pricing for Shopify selling with auto pricing rules.
Create custom product sets to easily group and manage products in bulk.
Quick and easy one-time setup for seamless integration between Amazon and Shopify.
how to export FBA to Shopify
Automation rules Amazon FBA Shopify
Optimizewith Rules

Tailor Your Amazon FBA Product Data for Shopify with Custom Automatic Rules

Ensure that your Amazon products get the best possible start on Shopify with automatic synchronization rules that optimize each product for listing and selling on Shopify. Adjust product attributes, tweak listing titles, modify item images, and so much more, all with fully custom and completely automatic integration rules that help your products shine. You'll also be able to define automatic category mappings with the help of our smart category mapper, so your products will always be categorized correctly, both on Amazon and Shopify. With hands-off channel integration, you can focus on what really matters – growing your business!

Modify individual Amazon product attributes to optimize them for Shopify.
Define category mappings for Amazon products when cross-listing to Shopify.
Create rules to automatically determine which products sync to Shopify.
Set quantity limit rules to automatically manage inventory on Shopify.
FBA Shipping

Define Your FBA/MCF Shipping Settings for Fulfilling Orders from Shopify

Decide exactly how Amazon FBA fulfills your Shopify orders, and rest easy knowing that your Shopify order fulfillment automation is working exactly the way you want it. Enable automatic FBA fulfillment for Shopify in your channel integration settings, and ExportYourStore will automatically create an FBA order on Amazon any time an order comes in on Shopify. When the orders ships, ExportYourStore will automatically update the shipping and tracking information on Shopify, so you won't need to monitor the order. Define additional fulfillment settings to determine whether or not Amazon can use Amazon Logistics and Amazon-branded packaging to ship Shopify orders, and ensure that you don't inadvertently violate shipping policies or confuse your customers on Shopify.

how to use amazon FBA to fulfill Shopify orders
Sell FBA products on multichannel
MultiChannel Selling

Integrate Your Amazon Store with Additional Stores and Use FBA to Fulfill Orders Across Your Sales Channels

When you use ExportYourStore to integrate your Amazon and Shopify stores, you can do so much more than cross-list your Amazon products to Shopify. ExportYourStore allows you to integrate your Amazon store with an unlimited number of stores on 10+ of the internet's leading selling channels, transforming your Amazon store into the command center of your multichannel ecommerce business. Integrate with marketplaces, social commerce platforms, and shopping cart services instantly, continue managing everything from pricing to inventory through Amazon, fulfill orders on all channels with Amazon MCF, and manage it all with ExportYourStore!

Amazon FBA MCF Cost

How Much Does It Cost to Fulfill Shopify Orders with Amazon FBA?

Amazon's MCF program offers a simple and cost-efficient way for multichannel sellers to fulfill orders across their sales channels with Amazon FBA. For many sellers, Amazon FBA offers a combination of logistical solutions that enable them to save on product storage, packaging, insurance, and shipping costs. When you use ExportYourStore to automate Amazon's MCF, you get the best of both worlds – ExportYourStore's seamless multichannel automation plus Amazon's all-in-one logistics solution – giving you a better way to list, sell, and fulfill orders on multiple channels.

Standard Shipping (5 Business Days)
Expedited Shipping (3 Business Days)
Priority Shipping (2 Business Days)
Small standard size
Standard Shipping (5 Business Days)
$6.99 – $8.25
+ 5% surcharge for blocking Amazon Logistics: $0.35 – $.042
Expedited Shipping (3 Business Days)
$9.70 – $11.90
+ 5% surcharge for blocking Amazon Logistics: $0.49 – $0.60
Priority Shipping (2 Business Days)
+ 5% surcharge for blocking Amazon Logistics: $0.94
Large standard size
Standard Shipping (5 Business Days)
$7.20 – $10.81+
+ 5% surcharge for blocking Amazon Logistics: $0.36 – $0.54+
Expedited Shipping (3 Business Days)
$9.87 – $13.06+
+ 5% surcharge for blocking Amazon Logistics: $0.50 – $0.66+
Priority Shipping (2 Business Days)
$19.23 – $22.09+
+ 5% surcharge for blocking Amazon Logistics: $0.96 – $1.11+
Large bulky
Standard Shipping (5 Business Days)
$16.32 – $35.36+
+ 5% surcharge for blocking Amazon Logistics: $0.81 – $1.77+
Expedited Shipping (3 Business Days)
$17.74 – $36.88+
+ 5% surcharge for blocking Amazon Logistics: $0.88 – $1.85+
Priority Shipping (2 Business Days)
$32.20 – $51.24+
+ 5% surcharge for blocking Amazon Logistics: $1.61 – $2.57
Standard Shipping (5 Business Days)
$28.50 – $225.00+
+ 5% surcharge for blocking Amazon Logistics: $1.42 – $11.25+
Expedited Shipping (3 Business Days)
$31.25 – $265.00+
+ 5% surcharge for blocking Amazon Logistics: $1.56 – $13.25+
Priority Shipping (2 Business Days)
$38.50 – $345.00+
+ 5% surcharge for blocking Amazon Logistics: $1.92 – $17.25+
  • Small Standard Size – Packages measuring 15" x12" x 0.75" or less.
  • Large Standard Size – Packages measuring 18" x14" x 8" or less.
  • Large Bulky – Packages measuring 59" x 33"x 33", where the length + girth is less than 130".
  • Extra Large – Packages exceeding 59" on their longest side, 33" on their median side, or 33" on their shortest side; packages whose length + girth exceeds 130"; or packages whose unit weight or dimensional weight exceeds 50 lbs.
  • "+" indicates surcharges for exceeding the weight limit of the size tier. See the Amazon MCF product size tier chart for more information.
  • For additional MCF fee information, see the Amazon MCF fee structure for order fulfillment.

Using Unbranded Packaging and Blocking Amazon Logistics for Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment

Multichannel fulfillment with Amazon MCF is a useful tool for multichannel fulfillment, but many sales platforms frown upon – or outright prohibit – the use of Amazon to fulfill orders. A simple way to enjoy the benefits of Amazon MCF while sidestepping any possible issues on Shopify is to instruct Amazon to use unbranded packaging when packing orders, as well as blocking Amazon Logistics as a carrier. You'll pay a 5% surcharge on each shipment to block Amazon Logistics, but opting for unbranded packaging won't cost you extra.

How Much Does It Cost to Export Amazon FBA Products to Shopify with ExportYourStore?

ExportYourStore is available in four subscription tiers: Starter, which costs $29/month; Growth, which costs $59/month; Business, which costs $99/month; and Enterprise, which costs $249/month. Each tier gives you an increasing number of products you can manage. Regardless of which tier you choose, setting up an automatic FBA-Shopify integration to fulfill your Shopify orders with Amazon FBA will not cost you extra. Each automatic product integration is counted as one managed cross-listed product in your subscription.

Amazon FBA
Connect FBA with Shopify

Popular Amazon MCF FBA to Shopify Sync Settings

Link Amazon FBA products to Shopify in one click!

When a product is sold on Amazon FBA, its quantity will automatically update in your linked Shopify account.
When a product is sold on your linked Shopify account, the order will automatically be fulfilled by Amazon FBA.
When an order is shipped by Amazon, the order's tracking number will automatically be updated on your Shopify linked account.
When an FBA product price is changed on Amazon source store, the change will automatically reflect on your linked Shopify account.
When a new FBA product is created in your Amazon source store, it will also be created automatically on your linked Shopify account.
When a FBA listing closes on your Amazon source store, it will automatically close on your linked Shopify account.
Additional Features
Amazon FBA Shopify

Why ExportYourStore is the Best Solution for Exporting FBA to Shopify

With ExportYourStore, you get a fully customizable and entirely hands-off way to fulfill Shopify orders with Amazon FBA. Define custom integration settings for Amazon FBA-Shopify integration with a simple one-time setup, and ensure that your Shopify orders are fulfilled exactly the way you want. ExportYourStore will automatically create FBA orders for incoming Shopify orders, keep tabs on their progress, and update tracking and shipping details on Shopify as soon as they're available. Fully automatic, completely hands off, and without having to create or monitor orders on Amazon, ExportYourStore offers you a truly simplified and efficient multichannel selling experience.

Integrated Dashboard Overview

ExportYourStore brings all your stores’ data and statistics into a beautifully integrated dashboard view. See all your products, revenue reports, live order updates, and more in one straightforward and informative interface.

Full Marketplace Optimization

Amazon FBA and your linked Shopify account each have their own unique requirements, which can complicate store integration. ExportYourStore allows you to optimize your FBA listings for your linked Shopify account and ensures a smooth and seamless integration.

Safeguards to Avoid Overselling

With 24/7 inventory updates, our system makes sure that you never sell the same item twice. Once an item is sold on FBA, your linked Shopify account quantity updates; once an item sells on your linked Shopify account, your Amazon store updates.

Advanced Customized Rules

Create powerful and advanced custom rules, so that you can export and manage products from your Amazon FBA in a way that works for your linked Shopify account. Create rules to adjust pricing, product attributes, titles, item condition, and more.

Support for Multiple Stores and Accounts

With ExportYourStore, you’re not limited to just one exported store. You can export your FBA products to a single Shopify account just as easily as you can export it to multiple Shopify accounts. There’s no limit to where you can sell!

Manage Everything from Your Source Store

Manage your FBA products from a place that’s already familiar and intuitive – your Amazon store. Your Amazon source store becomes a powerful tool to manage your inventory, both in Shopify and in all other linked marketplaces and accounts.

ExportYourStore FBA Integrations

Multichannel Selling Channels FBA Integrations

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