October 6, 2021

Selling on eBay vs Esty – Which One Is Better?

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Emily Hudson
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Selling on eBay vs Etsy, which one is better? Which one will help you achieve your business goals and enable you to reach your full bottom-line potential? All in all, the fundamental eBay vs Etsy decision can be a tricky one to nail down, as both are dominating leaders of the eCommerce world.

Because of that, below you will find a comprehensive breakdown of the intricacies of each selling platform and what you can expect to gain by going with Etsy vs eBay or vice versa, all in a committed Export Your Store effort to help you pick the best path forward to achieve new levels of scaling prosperity.

 What kind of products can I sell on Etsy vs eBay?

For starters, both selling on Etsy and eBay unlocks a massive target market audience. For instance, eBay reached over 187M active buyers in the first quarter of 2021, and Etsy was around 81.9M buyers by the end of 2020. But even with this, the type of buyers they attract are slightly different.

eBay: Buyers who go to eBay are generally looking for a wide range of products in different categories, such as automotive, clothing, books, to crafts. In general, people sell products on eBay to be auctioned off to the highest bidder, starting at a lower base price that works its way up. The only real selling on eBay restrictions on what you cannot sell on eBay include drugs, embargoed goods, and firearms.

Etsy: Etsy tends to have a narrower selling scope, which involves handmade goods, vintage items, and crafting supplies. Keep in mind that what you choose to make and sell using those categories is seemingly limitless, which is what makes Etsy such an authentic, diverse platform for both buyers and sellers. An additional note is that reselling on Etsy is only allowed for the vintage and craft supply categories.


The eBay vs Etsy List of Fees

 As with any eCommerce selling platform, there are a few seller fees to be aware of. Starting with Etsy on this one, most fees here are automatically deducted from your payment account if owed. Those said fees include:

Listing fees: $0.20 for every listed item
Transaction fees: 5% of the sale price
Subscription fees: optional for$10 per month
In-person selling fees: Subjected to the Square's Payment Processing Fees
Payment Processing fees: Click here for more information.
Shipping fees: depending on destination, dimension, and weight
* Regulatory Operating fees: per transaction based on your fixed percentage price
Advertising/Promo fees: an optional fee to promote your items via ads onsite and offsite. For more information on the cost breakdown, you can find that here.

As for eBay, they also have their own set of seller fees to keep in mind. They also feature a 50-listing incentive per month as well that makes it a highly attractive platform to think about leveraging. Nonetheless, the eBay fee list showcases things such as:

Insertion (listing cost) fees: you can review the breakdown of those costs here.
Final value fees: calculated via the percentage of the final sale of the item
* Final value fees on shipping:
based on the shipping service you choose
* Promo/Ad fees:
optional fee to boost product visibility
* Fees for optional listing upgrades:
this includes adding more photos, upgrading to two listing categories ,etc.

Adding the baseline fees up, you are looking at spending $24.95 for the basic plan, $74.95 for the premium plan, and $349.95for the anchor plan on an annual basis.

Choosing Etsy vs eBay - Demographics and Business Blueprinting

 One of the first ways to choosing the best platform for your needs is understanding the customer base each drive in. For instance, Etsy is the smaller of the two platforms but still attracts an average of 81.9M buyers, as noted above, with 34% of them being outside of the United States. These people were generally on the hunt for unique, artistic handmade and/or vintage pieces .Alternatively, eBay drives in 187M buyers annually, with 70% of them being United States-based. This market is a little trickier to pinpoint, as the range of categories attracts a diverse audience. For example, electronics is the top-selling category to date, followed by video games/consoles and health/beauty.

What does this mean for you? It means that you need to figure out what your niche is, your budget, and who you are trying to target. You also need to blueprint how fast you would like to sell your products. For some more insight, if your underlying goal is to gain more traffic, eBay might be the better solution to gain fast exposure. If your goal is to offer less expensive products within a lower competition network, then Etsy could be the ideal option. In summary, it all depends on your business goals and how you want your future to play out. Just know that both can help grow your business against different market sectors, especially if you join them simultaneously.

Conclusion – The Final eBay vs Etsy Verdict

 After going through the Etsy vs eBay breakdown above, you may still be wondering which platform is the better route for you to take, as both have monumental business advantages that can spearhead your eCommerce goals in their own intrinsic way.

But the truth is that both are excellent resources to take advantage of.

Yes, you really did read that right -you should consider using both eBay and Etsy at the same time. Overall, selling on eBay vs Etsy should not be a battlefield debate but rather a duo partnership to help you spearhead your business goals.

In the end, instead of selling on eBay AND Etsy together is the sure-fire way to grow your market faster and more efficiently to a much broader target market base. Luckily, with the dynamic exporting and syncing support of Export Your Store, mirroring your products across both platforms can become a seamless, fast, and enjoyable process. So, go ahead and try out both Etsy and eBay at the same time, and have peace of mind knowing that you have the perfect syncing software on standby that can help you streamline your way to ultimate selling success.

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