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The easiest solution for eBay sellers to start selling on Amazon
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eBay Amazon integration software that creates your Amazon ASIN number

We created a smart Amazon listing software that understands your eBay items to match the correct category and prepare them to meet Amazon requirements. ExportYourStore automatically creates your Amazon listings, and their ASIN Amazon numbers to offer you the smoothest eBay to Amazon integration.

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Your Amazon inventory managed on eBay

Your Amazon selling is hassle-free with ExportYourStore. No need to learn Amazon marketplace policies. Keep managing your inventory on eBay as always, we automatically sync all your changes (new & ended listings, their description, price, stock volume) with Amazon.

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Customize your Amazon sync to meet your needs

◆ Sell with different prices on Amazon e.g. you can add 10% more then your price on eBay
◆ Change your product titles, descriptions or any other fields on Amazon by chosen criteria
◆ Export and sync only items that meet chosen criteria e.g. sync only items that cost more then $20
◆ Change the category listed
◆ Change the search keys for your products

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The setup process

Firstly, you'll need to connect your eBay stores and set it as "Source". Then, you'll choose Amazon as your "Target". eBay as source means that your Amazon data will be taken from changes made on eBay. For example, once you update and/or add new listings on eBay these changes will be automatically synced with Amazon.

Next, our integration team will review your account, absolutely for free to learn your store, suggest, explain and contact Amazon on your behalf so your items are ready for export. This can take a few hours and once it's done, you're ready to sync and export!

I want to start selling on amazon

Boost your sales on Amazon

Selling products on Amazon has many benefits. The world-renowned and popular sales platform allows you to reach tens of thousands of users every day and provides you with a convenient framework to make sales efficiently.

To make your product management process even simpler, ExportYourStore provides you with an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn Amazon import export tool.

The integration that changes everything

This intuitive and simple interface will allow you to import products from any platform to Amazon or export from Amazon to Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce or any other digital store you might use. 

Remove technicality issues out of the way

Most digital sellers today do not have barcodes for their products. This can create many problems when integrating with Amazon. To ensure a smooth transition, ExportYourStore will create new and unique Asin numbers for your products on Amazon and our team will do all the proper actions to get you the GTIN exemption and let you sell without barcodes for hassle-free sales process. 

Build amazon pages in minutes

Use our Amazon import export interface to create Amazon pages for your products imported directly from your digital stores. We will customize and configure your products to fit all the requirements for Amazon pages and will keep them synced – all the change you do on one end, will automatically be updated on the other. Sync prices, quantities, new listings, and sales without ever giving it another thought.

Sell to any market easily

Our Amazon import export tool supports all Amazon marketplaces and allows you to sync smoothly with Amazon UK, Canada, Australia, India, Spain, Italy, and France. Expand your marketing reach to the limit and boost your sales. All these new benefits are available for you today free of charge.

Double your chances with this eBay Amazon listing tool

Sales on digital platforms are in many ways a shot in the dark. We navigate our way through hundreds of millions of users and compete in hundreds of thousands of digital stores to reach the consumer consciousness. With competition so intense, we cannot afford to give up on any customer.

To ensure that we keep our users in the marketing funnel optimally, it is crucial to keep all hands on deck and operate on multiple channels. On this day and age more than ever before, there is a wide variety of sales platforms available that offer a range of benefits. As of today, there is no longer any need to hesitate between eBay and Amazon. One simple eBay Amazon listing tool will allow you to easily manage and sell your products in all the sales channels you choose simultaneously while applying all the changes in real time.

Save valuable time and sell more than ever before

ExportYourStore is a software solution that revolutionize the way business owners sell products online. Import your eBay items to Amazon in minutes and keep them synced to all changes in real time. Offer discounts, change product descriptions, and update new sales across both platforms easily through one easy-to-use interface that ensures you will always have an accurate and complete picture. 

All your eBay items ready to use on Amazon

We are the only integration tool today that allow you to create your own new ASIN numbers that will allow you to make your products ready to sell on Amazon. Our team is always available to assist you to make your product pages optimal for Amazon and to allow you to sell without products and get your GTIN exemption.

eBay Amazon integration solution for your online shops

As business owners, we want to make the most of our options and expose our products to the largest number of audiences. To ensure that we will manage to do so, we are often selling them on the most sought-for platforms and invest a lot of resources to promote them all at once.

However, this process can often cause our sales model to be all over the place. If we will not allocate our resources efficiently, we may lose valuable time and hinder our sales process. With the proper smart integration tools, you can manage your sales on all platforms at once and ensure that things are run in the most efficient and profitable way possible.

Integrate your way to success

ExportYourStore offers an exciting new eBay Amazon integration software software that will make the sales process on your ecommerce platforms simpler than ever and allow you to make maximum profits. Through one simple and easy-to-use interface, you can add new products, change prices, descriptions, and quantities, and manage the entire sales process on eBay, Amazon, and your e-stores at the same time.

Use it on all of your platforms

Whether your platform is built on Shopify, WooCommerce or any other system, we have the ideal solution that will allow you to work smoothly and comfortably without missing a beat. On each of your platforms, the product pages and their content will be precisely tailored to its requirements and needs.

ExportYourStore's eBay Amazon integraion will work on all Amazon marketplaces and will allow you to sell to international markets with flexible and easy to learn options.

Expand your eCommerce network with an Amazon to eBay lister

The reality in the business world today proves this fact unequivocally - your customers are looking for you on the digital platforms. Nowadays, when it is possible with one click to purchase anything our heart desire without leaving home, compare prices easily through our digital devices and get all our favorite products straight to our doorstep, your business needs to build a robust digital presence to stay competitive.

Business owners are debating where to set up their digital store. Some of us have chosen to build an independent eCommerce site while others will choose to sell their products on existing and long-operating platforms like Amazon or eBay. Now, an innovative solution allows you to sell on all the most reputable platforms and get the most out of your sales processes in a simple and convenient process.

Discover the power of integration

ExportYourStore is a user-friendly integration tool that allows you to manage products across a wide range of eCommerce channels through one simple and convenient interface. Now you can easily import your products from Amazon to eBay, manage them in parallel and make changes to them that will be synchronized in real time. Sell more than ever before with our Amazon to eBay lister and dominate your market.

Ensure compliance to your platforms' policies

With ExportYourStore's Amazon to eBay lister, you will never have to worry whether your shop complies with eBay's regulations. All your products will automatically be optimized to answer all of eBay's requirements. No duplicate listings or any other obstacles in your products' descriptions ever again.

The Amazon to eBay listing software you were looking for

Where should I sell my products online? This is a question that bothers many business owners today who have already come to terms with the fact that digital presence is essential for business survival. Should I build my own platform? Sell on eBay, or maybe on Amazon? Each of these options offers quite a few benefits.

An innovative software solution will allow you to take advantage of all the opportunities that eCommerce platforms currently offer businesses and manage your products efficiently.

Selling on eBay made easy

You have probably asked yourself, "Why should I sell from eBay? I already have a store on Amazon." It is important to remember that the competition in the eCommerce world is more intense than ever and the struggle for every customer is critical. To reach all your target audiences and maximize sales, it is important to have a presence on all fronts.

ExportYourStore is a smart and simple Amazon to eBay listing software that will allow you to manage your products across all channels and optimally adapt your products to any platform in full and seamless synchronization.

Import your items in a hassle-free process

With ExportYourStore you do not have to worry about duplicate listings or inefficient and time-consuming updating processes. Every change you will do on Amazon will automatically be implemented on eBay and vice versa. Change descriptions, update quantities according to your sales and always see the full picture through one simple interface.

Let us guide you through your brand-new solution

Our team is ready and willing to help you custom this new Amazon to eBay listing software to your needs and get the most out of it. Contact us now to get all the help that you need or click here to start your free trial.

The ultimate Amazon to eBay software solution

Business owners operating on digital platforms for years are well aware of this dilemma - on the one hand, the wider your products reach a wider audience, the more potentially your sales volume will increase. On the other hand, more platforms mean more work on product management, updating their status and adapting your store to a wide range of regulatory requirements of the various sites hosting digital stores. If we do not manage this complex strategy effectively, we may find that we are burning the candle from both ends. Therefore, the right software solution may revolutionize our sales processes.

Surpass countless challenges

Many business owners are looking for advanced tools that will allow them to have the cake and eat it too within this complexity. Nowadays, the software market offers many product management systems that allow you to sell on multiple platforms simultaneously. However, for the most part these systems' implementation require extensive time, efforts, and resources.

ExportYourStore is a game-changing Amazon to eBay software that will allow you to easily integrate both platforms ever so easy and make sure you will make the most out of your sales efforts on all of your channels. 

Sync your changes in seconds

You will never have to choose between Amazon and eBay as your selling platform. With a simple and smart tool, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits both platforms have to offer and make all your changes simultaneously through a single system that does not require any prior knowledge.

This simple solution is available to you right now for a free trial period that will allow you to see for yourself how much you can achieve with the right integration tool. Contact us now to learn more about ExportYourStore or click here to start your trial period.

Selling on eBay has never been easier

If you had the chance to get acquainted with the tremendous force the digital platforms have to offer to your sales efforts, you probably already understand that choosing the right channels to promote your products can make a world of difference.
Many business owners are looking for ways to expand their scope of activity and reach a greater number of users and target audiences. The most effective way to do this, is to sell on multiple platforms simultaneously. However, this poses quite a few complex challenges. Without the proper tools, managing multiple e-shops can be quite a hassle. This is why the first step on your business's journey towards expansion is implementing the right integration tool.

Step up your e-sales

ExportYourStore offers a ground-breaking solution that will allow you to sync your Amazon products to eBay and manage your products seamlessly and efficiently. You will never have to use confusing and inefficient management systems to optimize your sales. This easy and intuitive Amazon to eBay listing software does all the work for you and makes sure you will get the most out of your investment.

Reach new target audiences

With ExportYourStore, every single change you will do on your Amazon shop will be automatically implemented on eBay in real time. Add new products, change quantities, and offer discounts according to various categories. Our tool will allow you to easily control exactly which products to sync, under which criteria, and will adjust your product pages optimally to the relevant platform. 

Want to learn more?

Our team is available to answer you might have about this innovative Amazon to eBay listing software and will guide you through the entire integration process. Contact us now for more details about the various benefits you can gain from it or click here now to try it for free.

Boost your sales with a new digital solution

Many business owners have already discovered the myriad of possibilities available to them on eCommerce platforms. As more and more consumers choose digital shops as their main means for shopping and learning about new products, the way you will build your digital shopping platform is crucial for your entire business model. ExportYourStore introduces a new Amazon listing software that will allow you to manage your sales on your sites, digital shops and on Amazon easier than ever and get the most out of your efforts.

Get the advantage you were seeking for

With this smart integration tool you will be able to get support for all Amazon marketplaces and broaden your business activity to international audiences. Our Amazon listing software will work on Amazon Australia, Canada, India and many other major markets that will take your sales volumes to a whole new level.

Custom your platform to any need

With ExportYourStore you won't have to settle for anything less than the perfect shopping experience. Our team of experts will help you make sure all your products' descriptions and pages are optimal for Amazon and will allow you to create your own ASIN numbers on Amazon. Our unique algorithm allows you to map the perfect category for each of your product on Amazon and optimize your sales.

No need for barcodes

Your products do not have barcodes? No worries! We will guide you all the way during the customization process of your eCommerce platform and help you get the GTIN exemption that will allow you to sell even without barcodes.

Try it now and learn from experience

To enjoy seamless and convenient integration and provide your customers with a perfect shopping experience, we invite you to try the software today for free.

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