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WooCommerce - eBay Integration

ExportYourStore's allows a fully automatic eBay sync that makes cross listing on eBay and WooCommerce possible. No need of any additional inventory management, eBay will remain your source. Choose to import items from eBay to WooCommerce yourself or keep it 100% automated - zero learning required from your side!
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Cross list eBay listings on WooCommerce

We created a smart WooCommerce listing software that understands your eBay items and creates or matches the correct category on your WooCommerce website. ExportYourStore automatically creates listings for you. The smoothest eBay to WooCommerce integration in the market.

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no inventory management

Your WooCommerce inventory managed on eBay

Your WooCommerce selling is hassle-free with ExportYourStore. Keep managing your inventory on eBay as always, we automatically sync all your changes (new & ended listings, their description, price, stock quantity) with WooCommerce.

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customized eBay sync
You're in charge

Customize your WooCommerce sync to meet your needs

◆ Sell with different prices on WooCommerce e.g. you can add 10% more then your price on eBay
◆ Change your product titles, descriptions or any other fields on WooCommerce by chosen criteria
◆ Export and sync only items that meet chosen criteria e.g. sync only items that cost more then $20
◆ Automatically create categories on WooCommerce based on your eBay categories.
◆ Change the search keys for your products

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The setup process

Connect your eBay store and set it as source on our platform. Then connect WooCommerce as your eBay's target. eBay as source means that your WooCommerce data will be taken from changes made on eBay. For example, once you update and/or add new listings on eBay these changes will be automatically synced with WooCommerce.

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