September 26, 2021

How To Change Your Etsy Shop Name

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How To Change Your Etsy Shop Name?

Suppose you are an owner at an Etsy shop or just signing up. There are chances that you will change your mind, and for some reason, you need to change the name of the Etsy shop.

Then here is a helpful guide on How to change your Etsy shop name?  

The following step-by-step instructions will help you understand how to change the name of your shop, keeping the limitations of Etsy in mind, and selecting the best name for the shop.

What Should I Know Before Changing My Etsy Shop Name?

Before changing the name of your shop, there are some rules that you have to follow that are being imposed by Etsy.

There are some points that you should always keep in mind before making up your mind to change the store's name.

Etsy Brand Names Characters Limit

Every marketplace has a set of rules for brand names, so does Etsy. While selecting a shop name for your shop name, you can use a maximum of 20 characters.

You cannot use punctuation words such as full stops (.), commas (,), question marks (?), exclamation marks (!), etc., in your brand names because Etsy believes it will make it difficult for customers to find your store.

You also cannot use spaces and any special characters in your shop names.

Keeping in mind these rules will help you to select the best names for your store or shop.

Know the Etsy Guidelines

Etsy is a global marketplace, so they have set some guidelines for the shop's name to make the marketplace appropriate for the general audience.

It's better to know the guidelines that Etsy provides before selecting the name of the shop.

1. Is Shop Name Available on Etsy?

Would you mind if, after selecting a name, the old name was replaced by this but it was unavailable on Etsy?

So it's best to check the availability before choosing the name. Now the question is how you can check the availability?.

The only thing you need to do is to type in the desired name in the search bar. So what I want to do is I want to see whether or not Etsy has any shots that have this specific name.

If there is nothing shown, then you are set to go. In the example below we can see the brand name "formywife" not exist.

2. How Many Times Can You Change The Name?

This is a fundamental question related to the store. If your store is not yet live and you are still in the process of setting it up, then you can change the name as many times as you want.

However, once your store is live, Etsy only lets you change the name five times.

3. Update The Shop Branding

What if you have made a decision to change the name and also you have selected the name. Now think that you have changed the store name, but still, there is an old name on the banner, logo, and products.

This will negatively impact the customers, so before changing the name, make sure you already prepare all your branding symbols banners , logos and so on ..  and then you are set to go for the change.

4. When You Change Your Store's Name, What Will Happen?

Shop Links Will Be Changed:

The first thing that will happen to your store after changing the name is that the links of the store with all related links will be changed. But don't worry, the old links will be redirected to newer links as some of your customers may have bookmarked your store, so they will not be affected by this change.  

Name Change Icon Will Appear In Store:

Etsy always wants to gain the trust of the customers and keep transparent; there will be a small icon that will appear next to your shop name on your pages, your profile and search results that will notify the customers about the recent change to your store.

One important thing, the previous customers and purchases will not be affected by this change as the same old name will be shown on the old receipts and all history.

5. Step By Step - How To Change Your Current Etsy Name With Simple Images

The procedure of changing the name with images is given below:

● Open your shop on

● On the right top corner, there will be an option named Shop Manager.

● Then, click on the settings.

● On the setting page, click on info & appearance.

● There will be a shop name with an option of change.

● Enter your new shop name and hit enter.

How To Pick The Name For My Etsy Shop? Using the best Etsy brand name Methods

Selecting the name for the shop is the most important thing, and it plays an essential role in the success of your store. Choosing the right business name is by no means an easy task, especially if you want to make your brand as memorable as possible.

Names are just practicalities that don't define your success-they do not have to elaborate what you do, and that's not their job.

You only need to evoke an emotional response to engage your ideal customers intellectually and emotionally for your name to be in context.

Here are some tips which you can use while selecting the name of the store:

Be Descriptive

Always choose a descriptive name. It should define the whole store and what kind of services or products you are selling. It should create an image of your store in the customer's or audiences' minds.
But descriptive doesn't mean that name should be meaningful. For example, there are two stores; one is named "Melbourne lenses seller," and the other is named "photo lens."
There is a huge difference between them both as the first name is very meaningful and vague, which make it difficult for the customers to remember, but on the other side, the name "photo lens" is descriptive and short,
which totally defines the image of the store and very easy to learn for the customers.

Be Creative

In this modern age, you have to be creative while selecting the name of your store because nowadays, the stores and companies want a name that is built from scratch, and they don't rely on plain words. You make up these words from scratch to describe your company. And if you select a creative name for your store, it will give a huge boost to your store sales because it gives a very good impression.

Keep It Simple

The store must be kept simple but simple doesn't mean long. A simple and short name is best for the store as it is easy to remember and it helps the audience to remember it.  While selecting for Etsy name, the name must be short as it allows only 20 characters for names.

A simple name is very appealing to the audience, and it creates potential buyers.  Keep the name pleasant to listen to, and it should conjure up the emotions.

Never Copy

Many people who just started the store always try to copy the competitor's name or names used for the same type of stores, but it affects the store's image as it looks copycat and unoriginal.

You must have heard the phrase "the first impression is the last impression," and your store's first impression is the name. If the name looks copied, then it will massively impact the sales of your stores.

Always look for ideas from niche-related stores but never try to copy them.

Name Your Brand in a Scalable way

The mistake that new people make is that they select a name that is not scalable. To understand this, let's crack it if you are starting a new store which is selling books in a particular city.

When your store grows, you will surely add new products in the store and also think about selling in other cities, so it's best for you to name something that will cover all this later on instead of changing the name.

This is a key point, and you should always keep in mind this while selecting a name for the store.

Use Acronyms

While brainstorming for the name, try to use short names for stores if your store name is long . Many stores use short names for stores as it helps them to justify their stores to the customers without negotiating.

Suppose you have a big store name and you want a store at Etsy and don't want to compromise while selecting the name, then you can do the short forms.

Use Foreign Words

The best method for most store owners is selecting a nonnative name for their business which makes it exotic for the customers and becomes a point of attention for them.

According to studies, the brain has 80% more chances of picking up a foreign word than a native one. This is always a good method to select a unique name for your store.

Use Your Own Name  

Why not use your name for your store? For example, if your name is john and your business is selling books. Then you can name your store as john books. It will also make a unique identity to your store and a direct link with the owner.

Use Dictionary Words  

You can also pick up the words from the dictionary for your store. It will provide you with a unique image of your store, but they don't have anything to do with the store.  

For example, Amazon, if I'm right, they have nothing to do with Amazon; in fact, they barely have anything to do with it. In doing so, however, it brings to mind something exotic, thriving, and colossal.

Mix Up The Multiple Words

You can mix up multiple words to mix and create a new word that can be used as the name of the store.

One example is that if you sell invitations for kids' parties, you can call your store Print and Party. Nothing is being printed.

You've got nothing to do with the party itself. But it totally defines the store.

Filtering Your Ideas

By reading the above tips about naming the store, you must have some name ideas. You must start to filter out the best name for your store by the following steps.

Check On Etsy First

The first thing to do is to check the name on Etsy, as it is essential and most important. If your name is not being used for a store and it is unique as it is never used for the closed store. You can move on to the further steps.

Google It

You can check out on google what's going on with the name. You can find out if some other business or website is already using your name by looking out for what is already out there.

Check On The Other Social Media Platforms

It's important to make sure that nobody has already named their business after yours. Your social media handles will be associated with that name as well, and probably most importantly, the domain name. Because you will also make social media pages later, and if pages are already available because if you use the same name, it may look like a copycat.

How Does It Sound?

Does the name of the store sound pleasant to the listener as it plays a massive impact on the business? The soft names are easy to remember.

Ask For Opinions

Try asking five or so people around you without explaining your name idea and list the ten things that run through their minds the moment they hear it. It is likely to lack depth if nothing emerges, which is often the case with descriptive names.

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