July 26, 2021

How to Request an Amazon GTIN Exemption

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This article will provide all the information sellers needs to understand how to request approval to list products without any barcodes-EAN, or UPC.

What is a GTIN?

The GTIN, or Global Trade Item Number, is a unique string of numbers that identifies particular products beneath the barcode but is not the barcode itself. Essentially, a GTIN is a product identifier code that is required in order to sell items in-stores or on an e-commerce platform like Amazon.

Additionally, these product identification numbers not only help you manage inventory, but they also ensure that your product is unique. Efficiently labeling and organizing products with the correct identifier helps retailers avoid data conflict, catalog mix-ups, and more.

GTINs come in a variety of forms, including UPCs, part numbers associated with an SKU, and ISBNs, to name a few:

▶ UPC: A Universal Product Code, or UPC (also known as GTIN-12), is a 12-digit numerical product identifier most often used in the US and Canada. This option is the most prevalent barcode type globally, and you can find it on virtually every physical good in a store.

▶ EAN : Barcode that mostly recognize with Europe market .

▶ Part Number associated with SKU: Part number of a product can work as Identity only by Amazon approval.

▶ ISBN: An ISBN, or International Standard Book Number, is a unique product identifier for books. Depending on the publication date, ISBNs include 10 or 13 digits.

Learn to Request an Amazon GTIN Exemption so You Can Start Your eCommerce Adventure!

Do I need a UPC or barcode to sell on Amazon?

No, is the short answer. UPCs and EANs are widely used.
However, they are not necessary for every product. The long answer is that it hinges on the brand or category in which you wish to sell.

If you sell private-label or handcrafted goods, you may qualify for an Amazon GTIN exemption,
which means you will not need a UPC to list it on Amazon.

Here are some more  scenarios when you can apply for a GTIN exemption:

1. You want to sell product parts that do not have a GTIN. For example, automotive parts or mobile accessories.

2. You want to sell a bundled pack of more than one product. For example, a pack containing a leather belt and wallet or a pack of two shirts.

GTIN exemption and the process of requesting a GTIN exemption on Amazon will be discussed later, so read on.
Without the Amazon GTIN exemption, Amazon now requires all listed products to have a GS1 registered barcode.

After submitting a GTIN exemption request, ExportYourStore recommends you to avoid purchasing a UPC for your brand. Instead, use your Part Number as your product's identity! Each creation and modification must have its own Part Number.

ExportYourStore will do it for you if you want! All you have to do is complete our setup process, and our customer service staff will analyze your products, request the relevant GTIN exemption for the correct Categories, and contact Amazon on your behalf.

What if the product you want to sell is already on Amazon?

If your product is similar to one already on the market, you can place your offer on the existing product information page without a GTIN.

In this scenario, when you add the product to Amazon, it will correspond to the same product page ASIN, and you will be able to join as a seller on the same product.

Here is how to do it:

Begin by going to sellercentral.amazon.com and logging in to your account.

After you have logged in, you will need to create a product listing.

To find a match for your item, search Amazon for a similar item that is already listed. The Product Name, UPC, EAN, ISBN, and ASIN are all valid options.

Simply search for the product and select the most similar item from the results.

Click the Sell This Product button after specifying the condition of the item you are selling.

You can choose your fulfillment channel after filling in the relevant fields: Price, Quantity, and Condition. If you select FBA Amazon as your fulfillment channel,
the quantity field will be disabled.

Then Save and Finish button will appear once you have completed all of the required fields. Simply click it, and in 15 minutes, your item will be uploaded and available on Amazon.

If your product does not match a current product, You need to create it on Amazon - Create ASIN ,to do so you need  barcode or GTIN exemption approved by Amazon to list without barcode (  later in this article .)

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What if you are selling your brand?

If you are selling your brand, You can ask for GTIN, or you can list your products by using a brand registry.

However, only if you have a registered trademark for that brand may you apply for the brand registry. You must have an active text or image-based trademark to be eligible to join the Amazon Registry. It must also be registered in the country in which you wish to register. However, you cannot register in any country, it has to be one of the accepted countries by Amazon.

Moreover, Amazon Brand Registry gives brand owners and manufacturers the option of listing products while respecting a GTIN exemption request.
If you are not qualified for Amazon Brand Registry, you will need to figure out GTIN exemption and request a GTIN exemption on Amazon to secure a GTIN exemption. This procedure for brand registry takes longer and is more difficult, but it will safeguard your brand.

How to request a GTIN exemption from Amazon?

Here’s how to ask for a GTIN exemption:

1. Use the search tool in Amazon Seller Central to key in ‘Apply for GTIN exemption.'

2. Select a product category. By clicking ‘+ Add more categories,' you can apply for numerous varieties and brands at once.

3. Then, add the Brand or Publisher. You will see in the text box that Amazon states, ‘For unbranded items or bundles, enter “Generic.” This option means on your product listings, it will say ‘By Generic’ underneath the title.

4. To see if you are eligible, click the 'Check for Eligibility' button. When you select ‘Generic,' you may receive automatic approval for that particular ‘brand.' If not, you will need to include photographs of the product that indicate it does not have a UPC or a brand name.

5. You must demonstrate that this product does not have a UPC or GTIN. You will be asked: “Do you have a supporting letter from the brand owner, manufacturer, or publisher?” Select ‘No' if the product is your private label or handcrafted.

6. After that, you must input the product name and at least two photographs of your product and packaging. Make certain to photograph the merchandise from all sides, including the package, to establish no UPC.

7. Submit a GTIN exemption request. Amazon may take up to 48 hours to respond. However, it normally takes only a few hours.

How can ExportYourStore help me?

Approval is required for each category and type of product when listing on Amazon.

So, allow ExportYourStore to take care of this task for you.

▶ During the setup process, the ExportYourStore team will review your products and ask for a GTIN exemption from Amazon on behalf of your Amazon account.

The integration team at ExportYourStore will look through your store and products, as well as your Amazon account, to ensure that it has all of the necessary approvals and is ready to list your products on Amazon.

With ExportYourStore, you will have everything you need to list your products on Amazon!

How to publish a product using ExportYourStore?

You have 2 ways of exporting & syncing your products to Amazon:

1. Automatic - You don’t need to do anything! Our service will fit your products and create ASIN if needed on Amazon.

2. Manual - You can click “Export” on the product you would like to export from our database.

You can start either of these processes directly from the ExportYourStore app. Additionally, you can use our auto-sync feature to automatically export and list new items incoming from your source directly to Amazon. So, click here to get started today and make your Amazon selling easier!

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