February 15, 2021

Multi Channel eCommerce Selling | Inventory Sync for eBay Sellers

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When was the last time you purchased something online? I bet it was pretty recently, especially now that the holiday season is here! Know why I’d make that bet? Because online shopping has reached its all-time global popularity and it looks like it’s only going to grow in the near future. 

Here’re some fun facts about online shopping from Statista

  • The global online shopping market size is hitting 4 trillion in 2020 
  • In 2023 an estimated number of online shoppers in the US alone is $300 million! 
  • 150 million in the US alone use the Amazon shopping app each month
retail ecommerce sales worldwide from shopify
Worldwide eCommerce Sales 2014 - 2021 (Image Credit: Shopify)

According to the Analyst Opinion at Statista, “Marketplaces like Amazon and AliExpress are flourishing, while many stand-alone retailers struggle to find their USP as brand and store loyalty are decreasing and cart abandonment rate in the industry is at 75%.” 

Did you know that 90% of online shoppers go to Amazon for price comparison and 77% will check product reviews before making a decision? The world of eCommerce is huge and shoppers (especially the millenials) know how to do their research prior to the purchase. 

All these facts lead to one simple conclusion: eBay sellers and other retailers need to start expanding their reach and sell on other large marketplaces to stay relevant. More so, becoming a multi-channel seller increases your changes of exponentially growing your sales! 

Multi Channel eCommerce

Contemporary eCommerce goes far beyond selling on personal websites or in a single marketplace. Nowadays, multi channel selling is growing to be a norm among serious online sellers because consumers are expecting to be able to make a purchase whenever they’re online. 

The key to multi channel eCommerce is creating a seamless experience for your consumers across all channels. That means you should treat your listings like a representation of your brand. Make sure your policies align (shipping, return, discount offers, etc) and your prices are competitive.

inventory sync for ebay sellers to Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, ebid
Sell your eBay items on Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, and eBid. GET STARTED NOW

"Retailers want to be where consumers are, and today consumers shop across several channels before they make a purchase," noted Hollerbach. "To follow consumers in their shopping journey, retailers need to be at as many of those touchpoints as possible. The more visibility consumers have to your products while they're bouncing from channel to channel, the more likely they are to buy your product. Not only does having a strong multichannel e-commerce strategy drive more sales from recurring customers, but it also expands your reach to new customers." - Marcel Hollerbach, CMO of Productsup.

However, that’s not always easy to implement due to the fact that different marketplaces vary listings format and policies. Plus, it’s simply time-consuming to do double and triple the work in order to list the same item on additional marketplaces. Then, what do you do with inventory management to make sure you don’t oversell your available stock?

Many questions like that come to sellers’ minds while considering to expand their eBay business and become and multi channel eCommerce seller. 

In this article, I aim to not only help you understand the benefits of becoming a multi channel eCommerce seller but also offer solutions to doing so with minimal effort.

Should I use a multi channel eCommerce software?

The short answer is: yes! 

The long answer is: if you don’t want to do manual labor of listing for hours each day on different marketplaces, of course, you should get a multi channel software to list your items. 

Moreover, you’ll need another level of bookkeeping skills to keep up with all the inventory changes across all marketplaces. According to Shopify, it takes an average eCommerce company 25 mins to update SKU of a listing manually. That’s incredible how much time you can save to focus on business development if your SKUs were handled by software instead. 

What you need is a smart and easy to use multi channel inventory sync to cross list your eBay items to new marketplaces that will update them automatically each time you update one! 

That’s where ExportYourStore comes into play.

eCommerce inventory sync for cross listing eBay items

ecommerce inventory sync for eBay sellers - exportyourstore

If you’re an eBay seller, ExportYourStore is the easiest solution in the market to help you become a multichannel seller. Here are 5 top reasons why:

  • Your work is done as soon as you finish the initial setup
  • ExportYourStore adjusts your eBay listings to other marketplaces according to their listing policy
  • Your inventory is always synced across all marketplaces
  • You can keep managing your listings on eBay
  • We create your ASIN numbers for you and automatically assign SKU to listings that don’t include them

Additionally, you can customize your export and various aspects of your listings in different marketplaces. For example, you could make some of your items (or all of them) to cost 5% more on Amazon. 

The best part about this particular multi channel eCommerce software is that it actually creates your listings on other marketplaces for you. 

Final Words

The world of eCommerce is growing rapidly but so does the competition, and if you want to keep making a profit or better yet, take advantage of online shopping popularity and increase your sales you have to stay in the loop. You need to expand your online store to additional marketplaces and sell everywhere!

It’s not an easy task and sellers spend hours implementing this adjustment but you don’t have to. At a fraction of your increased profit, you can export and sync all your eBay items to Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, and eBid automatically with ExportYourStore. 

This multi channel eCommerce software just launched so take advantage of being among the first to save time and increase your sales. Here’s a testimonial from an ExportYourStore user who’s been with us since the software was still in Beta, “You’re such a perfect company, doing such incredible things that I do not want to inform my competitors about you but our years of cooperation is proof of my appreciation” 

So wait no further and give it a try! We offer the first 7-days free trial so you can export 10 items and see how it works prior to committing. Get started now!

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