July 11, 2021

Effortless eBay - Amazon Integration

Written by:
Emily Hudson
min read


It is well known among sellers that selling on multi-channels can dramatically increase sales.

A seller selling on eBay can easily boost sales by 80%-120% just by putting his inventory for sale on Amazon. Surprisingly, the vast majority of online sellers (95%) continue to sell on one platform alone.

There are a few reasons for this unfulfilled potential, however the main reason is the effort needed to sell on an additional marketplace. Different platforms were not designed to work together – listing an item on eBay is completely different than doing so on Amazon.

We established ExportYourStore in order to help sellers sell on additional marketplaces while investing minimum effort (if at all).

ExportYourStore offers three main services

1) Export of current items

2) Inventory Synchronization

3) Auto export of every new item you list


Our goal is simple

Enable you to continue managing your items on your favorite platform while we take care of the rest. ExportYourStore.com: More sales , with minimum extra effort!

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