August 2, 2021

Shopify eBay integration

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So, you want to connect your eBay store to Shopify or build and launch a brand bolstering Shopify store and sell your eBay products on Shopify, hey? Overall, there is nothing more gratifying than being able to build a prospering Shopify store from the ground up.

That, along with Shopify eBay integration with Export Your Store it can be done very easy that catapults your online business towards new levels of sweet success.

Shopify Advantages 101 – Who Should Use It and Why

If you have been thinking about Shopify vs. eBay lately or have been researching if the efforts on how to transfer eBay to Shopify are even a worthwhile move, we here at Export Your Store can tell you firsthand that – it is. Having an eBay account set up already is wonderful on its own but opting for Shopify eBay integration unlocks a whole new layer of advantages for a dynamic range of business niches. Because though eBay might have more site traffic (and competition) for quick small sales as a marketplace, Shopify is a webstore that can help you gain brand independence, connect easily with social users across Facebook, Instagram, etc., and grow an actual ‘stand out’ business.

In short, there are over 500,000 Shopify stores globally that have a collective net worth of 40B and over 44M customers (and growing) who actively shop on that platform annually. What his means for you is that there is so much room for business expanding potential by taking that integrative leap and ditching the Shopify vs. eBay 'this or that' mindset and viewing them as a duo team instead. Because if there is one thing for sure, when you play your cards right and have syncing partners like us on your side, it could surface incredible bottom-line boosting advantages for your business and help pave the way for a secured, growth-driven future.

The Leading Benefits of Selling On Shopify To Build Your Brand  

The fact of the matter is that there are many benefits of selling on Shopify to build your business and brand image. From physical resell products, handmade goods to things like experiences and memberships, the broad scope of selling options can offer significant business exposure support, sales/leads, and newfound competitive advantages - and in more ways than just one.

Boosts Organic Traffic and Brand Awareness

One of the fundamental perks of Shopify is that you can link your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. With just a few clicks ,you can integrate your social media into your Shopify store . Even more, Shopify gives you the keen ability to leverage your webstore as a central place to manage social assets through syncing products, orders, and selling.

For example, Shopify has an integrative syncing software that enables you to sync your brand design and product catalog automatically to places like Instagram and Facebook to design lead-generating ads/posts. All you would need to do is manage your Shopify store centrally, and it will then update/sync to your other business channels without any extra effort on you – thus making for a much more seamless and enjoyable experience for you and your customers.

It's means you can sell your eBay products on your Shopify website , Facebook , Instgram and more very easy.

Increases Customer Loyalty

You could have the best business plan across the globe, but without having a solid and ever-growing base of loyal customers, the bottom-line results might not be what you were hoping for. With that being said, Shopify eBay integration or Shopify and another platform like Amazon can be a gateway to help increase customer loyalty so you can optimize your success and competitive advantages.

The reason for this is because the more established and diversified you are across the markets, the better your chances are at developing a strong reputation with your target audiences. Think about it; if a person found your product on eBay and then ran a Google search that led them to your actual website, they will see first-hand that you are a legitimate business and safe to purchase from either on eBay or Shopify. With that logic, the higher your reputation goes, the more credible your image becomes to others. And you probably guessed it, that reality can inevitably entice leads to turn into buyers and buyers to turn into loyal brand followers.

Answering the “why Shopify” question with the benefits above is one thing, but don’t forget about the diversification factor of eBay Shopify integration in particular. Sure, knowing how to transfer eBay to Shopify can boost organic traffic and elevate brand advocacy too, but it also delivers a whole subcategory of additional perks worth mentioning for sellers. Some of those include:


-   Expands the number of engagement points(Shopify, eBay, and social media)

-   Increases your target market and audience outreach to previously untapped sectors

-   Improves ability to expand selling range due to the differences in platform restrictions.

-   Ability to test new markets and improve buyer perceptions

-   Enables you to create an authentic layout, look, and branding tone

-   Ability to design your own brand story, policies, and product showcasing approaches

-   Create your own URL to make it more custom and easier for people to find you

-   Can accept payments yourself as you continue to grow strong customer relationships

If there is one thing you should take away from this, it is that the key to business scalability, enhancing brand exposure, and gaining competitive advantages is broadening your positions across the markets. All in all, get rid of the Shopify vs. eBay mentality and focus on the monumental perks that both can give you with Shopify eBay integration. Because as long as you are strategic and innovative with your business operations, you can expect to gain all of those amazing advantages listed above.

In summary, your business does not have to be stuck in one place, and with Export Your Store, learning how to transfer eBay to Shopify and experiencing the advantages of Shopify eBay integration can be a fun, seamless, and successful process. As a final note, go ahead and sell your products on the eBay marketplace, but don’t forget to tag team that by expanding your business with Shopify. Using that as your professional brand website is a sure-fire way to gain more audience, social media followers, and a higher ranking on SERPs.

Now, you might be wondering how Export Your Store can help you with this Shopify eBay integration. Well, with just a few clicks and a few seconds, you can sync your eBay products straight to your Shopify account or vice versa, taking away the hassle and time of updating yourself. The best part is that if you are already selling on eBay with Export Your Store, you can continue to manage your products on eBay as you already did, and you can use eBay as your source for adding new products or updates. Overall ,if you truly want to grow an empire-rich business that reaches past just eBay, then sign up for Shopify today (it only takes 5 minutes), allow Export Your Store to do all the syncing and updating efforts for you, and sit back as you watch your business begin taking off.

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