November 14, 2021

Write Shopify SEO Descriptions That Google Will Rank

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Nancy P. Howard
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If you are running an eCommerce website, you may want to drive as many interested customers as possible. Then, you cannot avoid implementing search engine optimization.

Moreover, the way you present your products influence directly the impression your visitors get, and thus their decision concerning becoming a buyer.

Taking into account these two aspects, SEO for product pages seems to be an essential step to improve SEO positions on Shopify.

We are here to open up the secrets of how to create SEO product descriptions that convert.

Write for Humans

Although SEO is all about interaction with search engine algorithms, do not get tricked by this fact.

One of the most important organic backlink tips is to compose content for humans and not machines.

If you want to make Google rank your store high, you should not overuse all SEO techniques to stand out. Search engines rather appreciate the quality of your content and the value you present to your customers.

That means choosing simple and catchy sentences, putting your products or services in lifestyle contexts to demonstrate their benefits.

This will drive the attention of your potential buyers to your offers and most likely convert them into regular customers and thus make you more visible in search results.

...and for YOUR Audience

Apart from writing for real people instead of search engines, you also need to conduct SEO for product descriptions that target your potential clients.

For that, you should have a clear image of your target customer, so that you can use it as a reference point when writing an SEO product description.

The main benefit of this approach is that your writings will never sound faceless. You will automatically find the right words, and your message will resonate with the wishes and needs of your clients.

Highlight the Benefits

Choose to build your SEO for eCommerce product descriptions on the preferences and needs of your desired audience.

However, the lion’s share of potential buyers on the web is unlikely to look for an overview of all features and technical characteristics.

If you want to stand out among your competitors, focus on why your product or service is valuable and useful.

Describe the benefits of choosing your brand, and this will turn shoppers’ attention to you. From the composition perspective, you can highlight these advantages by making your text scannable, which leads us to the next tip.

Make It Scannable

For SEO product descriptions, it is highly important to make the text look appealing. This will make it easier for search engine crawlers to find and analyze your content.

But most importantly, a well-structured text is a good sign for your readers that signalizes the quality of your product or service.

To make your Shopify product description more readable, break it down to sense-bearing segments with appropriate subheaders to organize the information.

Adding bullet or numbered lists are a great way to make important information stand out.

Keep It Descriptive & Simple

SEO for product pages is not the best choice to express creativity. Do not misuse the lexical and syntactic potential of your language, as it may make your text difficult to read and understand. Remember that your goal is to tell about the benefits of using your product and service.

Keep the essence of product features and wrap them up in short and descriptive sentences (ideally, less than 20 words). Avoid passive constructions and complicated wording.

Meaningful and informative pieces make up the best promotional campaign for your products or services.

Do not Overuse Keywords

Marketers often list keywords as one of the easy ways of link building. It is true, but only to some extent. If you looked at an SEO for product pages a decade ago, the number of keywords in a single paragraph would look terrifying. That is because keywords were central for successful promotion at that time.

Today, you can get penalized for the same actions. The moderate use of keywords is a sign of a thought-out search engine optimization campaign. So, choose to place them wisely throughout the body content, as well as in the heading, subheadings, meta- and image descriptions.

Abandon Duplicate Content

You can often see how some store owners choose to save their time and effort and invest too little in creating original SEO product descriptions for Shopify. We can assure you that it is a sure path to ruin the whole campaign.

Search engine algorithms check your website for duplicate content, and if they find some, this will destroy your rankings right away.

Moreover, it can result in punishments in the form of Google penalties. On the contrary, original texts sound more vibrant, and most users will see and appreciate it.

Optimize Images

Especially if you are trying to sell a physical item, quality images are vital for a good SEO product description. Add as many high-resolution photos of it as possible, and it will build trust and confidence in your potential buyers.

However, if your lot is a service, images, illustrations, or infographics would also be a huge plus to your promotional campaign.

Whatever visual element you insert, make sure it is quality and illustrative. An effective SEO technique here is to add keyword-rich alt text to make your visuals searchable for search engines and human visitors.

Before You Start

As you may have mentioned, the recommendations we have listed are universal and relate not only to SEO product descriptions. That is because the whole SEO world follows the same rules to make the content better for both users and search engines.

We highly recommend applying these principles to everything you create on your eCommerce website. Once it becomes a habit for you as a marketer, writer, or designer, you will see drastic improvements in your Shopify store performance.

Nancy P. Howard has been working as a journalist at the online magazine in London for a year. She is also a professional writer in such topics as blogging, SEO and marketing.

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